Carousel School utilizes advanced technology throughout the school sites to provide a stimulating, inviting, and safe learning environment for all students. We have computers available to students in each classroom and therapy room. Students use these computers to practice skills such as math, typing, and basic computer literacy. Students also use the computers to find educational material on the Internet. These computers are equipped with speakers, microphones, and the latest software packages for personal computing.

Some classrooms have adaptive equipment designed for students who need additional assistance with communicating or completing class work. For example, students with limited fine motor skills can use touch screen computers during class. Other assistive technology devices include Alphasmart, Dynawrite, Fusion, TechII32, Intellikeys, Go Talk 9+, and iPad.

Each of the elementary and high school classrooms have an HDTV in the classroom used for lessons. Some of these lessons include viewing web pages, documents, and the Carousel School Closed Circuit Television.

Carousel School has a PA system for announcing events and conducting drills, and a new, state of the art fire alarm and security system. Also, all of the classrooms are monitored by a DVR video camera system.

“Not being able to speak is not the same as not having something to say.” Sometimes our kids just want to be heard but it is difficult for them to communicate. Here at Carousel School we have different devices which help open up the lines of communication between us and our children. Here’s an article about how the iPad has helped 16-year-old Dillan Barmache, who has autism and is non-verbal as part of a new campaign by Apple for April’s Autism Awareness Month:

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