Preschool and Infant Center Tuition Rates

One-Time Registration Fee: $125
Upon admission all families are charged a $125 one-time registration fee for processing the child’s application.

Toileting Fee: $75
Parents who want Carousel School staff to assist their child in potty training will be charged a $75 monthly toileting fee.

Monthly Tuition Rates
The following shows the schedule of monthly tuition rates:


Days of Attendance 6 weeks to 24 months 25 months to Pre-K
5 days $1,650.00 $1,200.00
4 days $1,575.00 $1125.00
3 days $1,500.00 $1075.00
2 days $1,400.00 $1025.00

Alternative Payment Programs The Department of Children and Family Services provides funding for families needing assistance to find and pay for child care. The fiscal agents who provide these services to our school are the CalWorks Program, Crystal Stairs, and Connections for Children.

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