Adult Day Program

Since 1984, Carousel School has been dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities. In 2010, Carousel School expanded its services to include an Adult Day Program that will provide clients with opportunities to actively engage in a high-quality program and services that will teach them the skills necessary to optimize their quality of life and to be connected with their local community. Adults with special needs (ages 18 to 55) will participate in an integrated full-day program dedicated to helping them become active participants of their communities.

Program Description

Carousel’s Adult Day Program is a therapeutic and structured full-day program dedicated to enhancing the lives of adults with special needs through strengthening their skills and creating ongoing learning opportunities for adaptations when necessary. The instructional staff to client ratio of 1:3 allows all clients to develop their own unique abilities at their own pace, while the direct and indirect services from occupational, physical, speech, and behavioral specialists provide clients support to overcome obstacles impeding functional skill improvements. Some of the program highlights include:

• Success-focused structured activities for clients to model within their community

• Opportunities to enhance and maintain levels of independence

• Daily community integrated programs

• Specialized job placement and volunteer opportunities

• Carefully monitored assistance and distribution of medication

• Animal Assisted Therapy

• Physical and mental exercise to maintain an optimal quality of living

• Bilingual staff

• Support and education for clients and their families

• Developmentally appropriate activities and equipment for clients who are ambulatory and non-ambulatory

Community Integrated Programs

Carousel’s Community Integrated Programs help adults take the lessons learned from the campus activity exercises and apply them in real-life situations through first-hand community involvement.

• Volunteer and community outreach opportunities place participants in environments where they may practice their learned skills and apply them to city beautification projects, beach cleanings, parks and recreation festival set-up/clean-up, and library community projects.

• Work simulation helps adults learn how to participate in their communities, arrange structured jobs such as Farmers Market assistance and school food service, and build business contacts through the Office of Disability Employment.

Carousel Adult Day Program

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