Music & Movement Program

Marie Arendain – Program Director

At Carousel, we believe that dance benefits all children. Our Music & Movement Program focuses on children’s movement and coordination development. Once students master some of the basic skills, they are able to apply their acquired skills to perform choreographed dance. The Music & Movement Program makes dance accessible to all children, especially those children with disabilities or special needs. Through the dance classes and performances, children learn about performance arts, and learn the components to theatre production. Students enjoy their regular dance practice, perform costume rehearsals on stage, and after months of preparation, they perform for an audience.

What are some of the benefits of the Music & Movement Program?

  • Develops gross and fine motor coordination
  • Focuses on posture and breathing
  • Increases self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-discipline
  • Develops patience during daily rehearsals
  • Promotes team building
  • Improves social skills
  • Teaches performance art concepts
  • Expands each child’s artistic expression