Preschool and Infant Center

Jane Uy – Senior Director of Programs

Marie Arendain – Site Director

Carousel Preschool and Infant Center has been in operation since 1984 and provides early childhood education and care for the Los Angeles airport local community. Carousel serves children birth through 5 years old in a nurturing, stimulating, and family-centered environment, where the cultures and special needs of children and families are embraced and supported. Our school recognizes children’s needs to learn basic academic skills, explore the world around them, achieve independent living and thinking skills, enjoy the learning experience, and become responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.

Our School program provides:

  • A nurturing environment that stimulates children’s natural interest and curiosity
  • Daily opportunities for success that help to strengthen children’s skills and self-esteem
  • An atmosphere of freedom and flexibility where children can independently choose, initiate, and experiment with a wide array of activities



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Carousel uses a variety of programs such as:

Reading ReadinessDevelopment of skills in auditory discrimination, understanding instructional language, oral language development, following verbal directions, general vocabulary, and categorizing
Math ReadinessManipulatives, multi-sensory approach to understanding number concepts and facts
Language ArtsDevelopment of positive experiences with language and literature, as well as development of correct speech patterns and communication skills
ScienceIntroduction to child’s world of life and animals
Social ScienceDiscovering a child’s expanding world; learning to appreciate friends who are different
MusicEmphasis on hearing, moving, and singing to music; development of music appreciation
Creative ArtsDevelopment of creativity, pleasure, and satisfaction at all levels, using all mediums and art forms

Preschool Foreign Language Program

Carousel Preschool promotes the stimulation of young minds, to encourage creativity and to improve overall academic performance. To take advantage of young children’s natural capacity for learning, the curriculum of the 3 and 4 year old classes now includes foreign languages, specifically Mandarin and Spanish. We stimulate language immersion to enable students to learn the new language in much the same way they learned their primary language. The program includes age appropriate context, games, and relevant activities to help students enjoy their studies and remain highly motivated.



Location & Hours

7899 La Tijera Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: (310) 216-6641
Fax: (310) 216-7465

6:45 am – 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday

We believe that parents should be familiar with the school and classroom teacher prior to the child starting classes at Carousel School. We encourage parents to visit our school at any time during our regular business hours. We are very proud to be such an important part of your family’s life.




The staff at Carousel School has many decades of early childhood care experience between them, and they are selected for their education and experience, and for their skills in working with children and families. Great care is taken in selecting staff members who relate well to children and families, and are sensitive to their needs.



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