Carousel School provides counseling services to students based on their individual needs. Counseling is provided individually or in a group setting. Our counselor works collaboratively with teachers and classroom staff to assess the students’ personal strengths and use them to help students reach their highest potential.

We believe all of our students have the potential to reach emotional growth. By learning to independently access strategies and tools, students will be capable of appropriately managing changes in their mood. Group therapy sessions allow students to model appropriately the skills they have already developed, while encouraging each other to be successful. Some topics addressed in counseling sessions are feelings and emotions, age-appropriate social interactions with peers and adults, frustration tolerance, and impulse control. Role play, social stories, computer games, art projects, and emotion-related card games are some of the materials used to help students to become more comfortable in discussing unfamiliar topics, and allow them to be more open in trying to manage their emotions.

Our counselor understands the difficulties children have in comprehending their feelings and emotions. The purpose of counseling is to validate these feelings and teach our students how to accept their emotions in an age-appropriate and socially acceptable manner. Students learn various strategies they can access independently to help them feel more in control of their emotions and reactions.

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