Specially Designed Physical Education

The Specially Designed Physical Education program encompasses a variety of activities, games and sports. Each student is developing a cognitive understanding of how each activity is appropriately played. Everyday we start with gross motor locomotion movements that involve all muscles. Our goal is to increase range of motion while introducing healthy lifestyle activities and games. From dynamic to static stretching, we have developed appropriate adaptive PE for all students.

At the preschool, we use a similar program specialized in body movements in space. Dynamic stretching being the primary form of  increased range of motion with a focus of body identification (head, shoulders, knees, toes, elbows), introduction to a variety of sports and fun games while making them successful in the process. Some sports can be individual such as t-ball or hop-scotch.,while others can be team oriented, such as soccer. We have many simple and fun activities keeping them interested and constantly learning new skills.

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