Since 1984, Carousel School has provided high quality early childhood education programs to young children and their families. Our programs include infant and preschool classes. Early Intervention instruction, non-public school for elementary through high school students. After school programs for children with special needs or disabilities and an adult program for adults 18 to 55 years old.

We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our students and families with high quality educational programs, and therapeutic and enrichment opportunities.

The curriculum and daily lesson plans provide developmentally appropriate challenges for children that help promote success for all, but also include individual student accommodations as necessary in a culturally diverse classroom environment.

In addition to the daily lessons and activities, Carousel School treats the whole child by supporting families and encouraging their growing understanding of their child’s needs and abilities. Families are strongly encouraged to participate in school activities and to talk with their child’s teachers to understand how they understand how they can help support their education goals.

Carousel School

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